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Challenge Puzzle SMS

Here are Challenge Puzzle SMS for you to let analyze your and friends mental strength and caliber. I really like these puzzles and hope that you will also enjoy these.If



9+5= ??
2+3 = 10
10 = 2(2+3)

7+2 = 63
63 = 7(7+2)

6+5 = 66
66 = 6(6+5)

8+4 = 96
96 = 8(8+4)

9+5 = x
x = 9(9+5)
x = 126

A Beggar's Brother Died,
The Man Who Died Had No Brother

How Could This Be...?

Isn't it ironic?
We Ignore the Once who adore us,
Adore the Ones who Ignore us,
Love the Once who hurt us,
Hurt the Once who love us,
Then ask "Why does it happen to me?"

Think,Before Scrolling Down
Answer Is 1
See the First Line..

Moral : Life Is Very Simple ,Don't Complicate It :)

Prove: 1Rupee = 1Paise
CA's Solution: 1Rupee=10Paise*10Paise
=0.1Rupee * 0.1Rupee

Find Any Mistakes If You Can :)

Challenge for You
Dunya k 4 aisi Countries k Naam bataen jinko URDU main likhty waqt Nuqta nahi lagatay.
Time Left: 30 Minutes
1. Roos
2. Italy
3. Malta
4. Not Found Yet

How does a dummy catch a rabbit? ...

He sits behind a tree and imitates the sound of a carrot.

It is a 9 letter word-123456789.
If it fails u die.if u can 234,u have 1234.
56 is 1type of disease.
89 indicates exat location nd time

Answer: heartbeat

People are made to be loved and
things r made to be used.
The confusion is in the world
because people are being used
and things r being loved

If u look at me
I'll look at u
If u grin at me
I'll grin at u
I u'll dance
I'll also dance
Bt if u shout,
Sorry, i can't. Who am i ?
Answer: mirror

Why can a man not be handsome
and intelligent at the same time? ....

Because he would be a woman then.

I m a 5 letter word
If my 1st lettr is removed i cum above u
If my 1st 2 lettrs r removd i m still around u
I m used for ur comfort

Ans: chair

I can sizzle like bacon,
I am made with an egg,
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole,
What am i?

Riddle answer
A snake.

Im a 7 letter city
234 is a bird
61 is cool
1274 is a part of the face
4713 is a way of saying good
Answer: chennai

I am a word of 5 letters!
People eat me!
If u remove my 1st letter i will b a form
Of energy!
If u remove my 1st 2 letters i will be needed 4 liiving.
If u remove my 1st 3 letters i will be near u.
If u remove my 1st 4 letters i will be a drink 4 u.
Who am i?


I've put in so many enigmas and puzzles that
it will keep the professors busy for centuries
arguing over what i meant, and that's the
only way of insuring one's immortality.
- james joyce

Math magic: 
ur celfon number last digit
x 2,
+ 5.
x 50,
+ ur age,
+ 365,
and - 615,
The last 2 nos, is ur age
and 1st is ur celfone's last no.just try it!

I am 10 letter word,
My 1234 has power to rule,
U eat my 5678.
My 89 nd 10 means of a lady,
I can fly what am i ??
Answer: kingfisher

A Woman Bought a Used Car for Rs. 60,000/- and sold it a friend for Rs. 80,000/.
She later bought it back for Rs.. 1,00,000/- and resold it for Rs. 1,20,000/-.
Did she make any profit and if so, how much..?

At FIRST glance it appears she made a profit of Rs. 20,000, however this is not the case.
She made a total profit of Rs. 40,000/- since she made
Rs. 20,000/- profit each TIME she sold the car.

Center of the "sky",
"y" change into "i",
Double of the first,
Give me just!
Do u understand this riddle...
Then reply!

Answer is kiss

At a recent school function, 500 people attended and Rs. 500 was collected.
The prices were as follows:
Fathers Rs. 2.00
Mothers Rs. 3.00
Children Rs. 0.48
More mothers than fathers turned up.
How many children were there..?


375 Children;
70 Mothers and
55 Fathers.

Every thing i swallon iz digested in full
If i drink water
I'll die soon. Guess wht iz it ?


It puzzled me that other people hadn't found out, too.
God was gone.
We were younger.
We had reached past him.
Why couldn't they see it?
It still puzzles me. - frances farmer

2 . 3 . 4 . 15 . 12
3 . 4 . 5 . 28 . 20
4 . 5 . 6 . 45 . 30
5 . 6 . 7 . 66 . 42
6 . 7 . 8 . ?? . 56
Reply in 10 mnts.

Answer: 91


Writing is mentally stimulating;
it's like a puzzle that makes
you think all the time.
-stephanie zimbalist

1 BADSHAH ne Apny Wazir ko Ek Angoothi di.
Aur kaha k is Ring par ek Aisa Lafz likho, Jis ko main agr Khushi main dekhon to Ghamgeen ho jaon,
Aur Agar Ghum main dekhon to Khush ho jaon.
Ab bataen k Wazir Ring pe kon sa Lafz likhay ga?

Answer :
Vazir Us per Likhega “Maut”
Kyoki Khush Insaan Maut dekh kar Gamgeen ho jayega.
or Gamgeen Insaan maut dekhkar khush ho jayega.

4___4___4___4 = 20
Use +, -, /, * to solve it.
It's a challenge...
Reply the answer.

Answer:4/4+4*4=20 4/4=1 1+4=5 5*4=20

I.Q Test:
Mother’s Name is
Son’s Name is
Daughter’s Name is
What is Name of Father?
Answer: TWO (Because Fathers Name is attached with all family members.)

A man walks into his bathroom
and shoots himself right between the eyes using a real gun with real bullets.
He walks out alive,
with no blood anywhere.
And no, he didn’t miss and he wasn’t Superman
or any other caped crusader.
How did he do this?
Answer: He shoots him in the Mirror

I + opp of w + starting of ice +
Twice of the letter before t +3/4th to x +
15th letter + 1/2 of o.

Answer: i miss you

I am 5 letter word,
If all the 5 letters are available i am a talent in you,
If you remove my first letter i will die,
If you remove my first 2 letters i will be sick.
Who am i
The answer is: skill

The fishermen love me
But doctors hate me
Kids want to eat me
I am a 13 letter word who am i??
Hint: _h_t_ _ _i_ _me_

Chathuringmes (worms)

Test ur IQ
5 + 3 = 28
9 + 1 = 810
8 + 6 = 214
5 + 4 = 19
7 + 2 = ?? U hav 2 mints

An adventure game
Is nothing more than a good story
set with engaging puzzles that fit
seamlessly in with the story and the characters,
And looks and sounds beautiful.
-Roberta williams


Answer: smile

At 6'o a Clock ticks 6 times.
The time between first and last ticks is 30 seconds.
How long does it tick at 12'o clock.

ANSWER: 66 Seconds...

Maths Magic:
Ur cell number’s
last digit x 2
+ 5
x 50
+ ur AGE
+ 365
- 615.
The last
2 numbrr is
ur age &
1st numbrr is
ur cell’s last no.

We do spend time talking about
it and we puzzle through it together.
We ride the roller coasters together -
the high highs and the low lows.
- kyra sedgwick

It's challenge
ise ki english mai translate kar0. .

"humari billi hume hi miyaun"
Rep fast.

Answer is
My Tutor My Foot


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