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Marriage SMS

Here is a nice collection of marriage SMS for you to send to your loved ones on this special and beautiful occasion.

Every Boy wish...
I’m not a Prince
but My Life-Partner should be a Princess

Real Boy wish...
My Life-Partner may not be a Princess
but I Promise I’ll treat her like a Princess.. !

Glorious Thinking By A Young Girl:

“I Will Marry a Love Failure Boy
He Only Knows The Value of Love
He Only Can Give Me Real Love”

Who is lucky lover in dis world?
A person loves a girl without proposing her,
finally he gets same girl as his wife in arranged marriage. !

3 Important Stages Of Life...
Before Marriage- 'MAD For Each Other'
During Marriage- 'MADE For Other'
After Marriage- 'MAD Because Of Each Other'.. !

Things in Boys' room Before marriage:
Love letters

After marriage:

Pain killers
Loan papers
Unpaid bills
Nokia 1202!

Height Of "Bad Luck"
A Boy 'n Girl Met Last Time For Their Break Up.
Girl's Father Caught them...
Now They Are Married Couple..!! :)

True relatives always
Stand behind you during bad times.
Check your marriage Album.
All your relatives were standing behind you !! :)

Hight Of Optimism...
A Man Marrying His Own Secretary
Thinking That..
She Will Still Follow His Orders As Before ..!! :)

Grooms, once you marry,
please remember that when
you have a discussion
with your future wife,
always try to get the
last two words in: “Yes dear”

1 day a man inserted
an‘advertisement’ in d
local classifieds:“Wife wanted”
Next day he received a hundred letters.
dy all said d same thing:You can have mine.

You're on the threshold of a
wonderful life as husband and wife!
Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

The Equation of Marriage:

7 Glance = 1 Smile

7 Smile = 1 Meeting

7 Meeting = 1 Kiss

7 Kisses = 1 Proposal

7 Proposal = 1 Marriage –

And that 1 marriage has 77777+ problems.

So beware of glance!

Wife: Darling today is our anniversary,
What should we do?
Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes.

Golden Rule:-
‘To be happy with a man,
love him little and understand him a lot.

To be happy with a woman,
love her a LOT and DO NOT TRY to understand her :)”

True relatives always
stand behind u during bad times.

Check ur marriage album.
All your relatives were standing behind u!

Thought of the day....
"a marriage is successfull
When it wud be
A blind wife
A deaf husband...." ;->

A little kid asks his Dad,
“Daddy, how much does
it cost to get married?”

“No idea,” replied the Father,
“I’m still paying for it…”

It’s funny when people discuss

It’s like asking someone,
if suicide is better or being murdered

A sardar owned a factory.
He issued orders dat only married
men would be employed.
Emplyes asks: Why you implement this rule ?
Srdar replied:
coz married men r more obedient than un married.

After a Marriage,
A husband said to his wife,
You know,I was a fool when I married you.
She replied, Yes dear, I know
but I was in love and didnt notice.

Chains do not hold a marriage together.
It is threads,
Hundreds of tiny threads which sew people
together through the years

Banta owned a factory.
He issued orders that only married
men would be employed.
Friend asks: Why this ?

Bant reply:
Because married men are more obedient.

The definition of marriage:

The marriage is,
In which one is always true.............
and second one is always husband.....

Man : Is there any way for long life?
Doctor : Get married.

Man : Will it help?
Doctor : No, but the thought of long life will never come.

The secrets of a happy marriage
Tools, Internet options,
Clear history, Delete files, Delete cookies

A man who surrenders when he's WRONG, is HONEST.
A man who surrenders when he's NOT SURE, is WISE.
A man who surrenders when he's RIGHT, is a HUSBAND

For the Bride and Groom Love is like a rose,
The joy of all the earth!
May your love grows more beautiful with
every passing year!!
Best Wishes to Both of You!!!

Dedicated to Shivangi 'n Nikhil Sharma !! :))

Why is a bachelor skinny
and a married man fat?
-The Bachelor comes
home, takes one look at
what's in the refrigerator,
and goes to bed.
-The Married man
comes home,takes one
look at what's in the bed
and goes to refrigerator

A Tiger was giving wedding party to his frnds..
A Cat came there and danced.
Tiger asked who r u ?
Cat said: I was also a Tiger before my marriage.......

Men Want 3 Qualities in Wife:

1)Economist in Kitchen
2)Artist in Home
3)Devil in Love.

But they Get:
1)Artist in Kitchen
2)Devil in Home
3)Economist in Love.

Life before marriage is AIRTEL
” u can express ur self “.

During honeymoon is RELIANCE-
” Always get in Touch “.

After Honeymoon is HUTCH
” Wherever u go ur wife network follows”.

After one year Life is IDEA
” ur wife can change ur life “.

After 10 years Life is BSNL
” Subscriber is not reachable “?

The Secret of Happy Married Life…

Is Still a SECRET.

What a married man says
after years of marriage:-
My marriage is made of Trust nd Understanding,
she doesn’t Trust me nd I dont Understand her.

Husband: Judge Sahab Mujhe DIVORCE Chahiye,

Meri Biwi Ne 1 Saal Se mujh Se Baat Nahi Ki,

Judge: Phir Soch Lo,

Aisi Biwi Qismat Walon Ko Milti Hai.

Before marriage,
A man will go home and lie awake
all night thinking about something you said;
After marriage,
He'll go to sleep before you finish saying it.

Why do Indian women want same
husband in next life too??
Efforts taken by her to change him
in this life will not b wasted!! ;-)

May you grow in love n friendship
through the years listening,
learning, leaving room 4 change
Yet always close enough to whisper.
Best Wishes on Your Marriage!

Santa Singh tried to light his cigarette.
He struck the first match on the match box,
But it didnt light.

He tried another,
It didnt light too.
The third one finally lit his cigarette,
carefully blew the match out and put it in his vest pocket.

“What for did you put that match in your vest pocket?”
asked the another man.

Santa replied, “Thats a lucky match stick. Ill use it again.”

Don't marry the person you want to live with...
Marry the one you cannnot live without...
But whatever you do, you will regret it later.

Love marriages are never success
Cuz they never had a pain
Marriages are made in heaven
Thats true! Cuz i had failed.

Why Government do NOT
allow a Man to MARRY 2 Women.

Because per Constitution,
for the same Mistake.

A famous writer said
Love is like a long sweet dream
N Marriage is an alarm clock"
So have sweet dreams till ur alarm wakes U up

Happy Unmarried Life

Some people ask the secret
of our long marriage.
We take time to go to a restaurant
two times a week.
A little candlelight, dinner, soft music
and dancing.
She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.

Telling a lie is Fault 4 a little boy
an Art 4 a lover a
n Accomplishment 4 a bachelor
and a Matter of survival 4 a married man

Marriage is like going to
a restaurant your choice
from the menu,
then look at neighbourin
table n wish you”d ordered that….

Q: During Marriage ceremony why is the
bridegroom made to sit on the horse?

A: He is given his last chance to
run away…!!

Boy: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
Girl: Do you want me to leave?
Boy: NO! Don’t even think about it.
Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Of course! Over and over!
Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?
Boy: NO! Why are you even asking?
Girl: Will you kiss me?
Boy: Every chance I get!
Girl: Will you hit me?
Boy: Are you crazy! I’m not that kind of person!
Girl: Can I trust you?
Boy: Yes.
Girl: Darling!
After marriage – - – simply read from bottom to top

Boy friend is fun,
Husband is gun,

Boy friend is light of moon,
Husband is month of june,

Boy friend is tooty fruity,
Husband is qismat phooti.

How a Single Mistake can Ruin Your Life.

Husband Went to Europe…
And Sent SMS to his Wife.

“I am Having a Wonderful Time, Wish you Were “HER” (HERE).

Husband nd wife are like liver and kidney.
Husband is liver nd wife is kidney.
If liver fails, kidney fails.
If kidney fails, liver manages with other kidney.

A person who surrenders when he’s WRONG,
A person who SURRENDERS when not SURE,
is WISE.
A person who surrenders even if he’s RIGHT,
is a HUSBAND.!!

Why do we all marry?
Because romance is not
the only element of life.
We should also know horror,
terror, suspense, irony,
stupidity nd tragedy of LIFE.

Man at medical store:I need poison
Chemist: I can’t sell you that

Man shows his marriage certificate
Chemist: Oh! sorry,
I didn’t knew u had a prescription.

What is the Similarity Between Marriage and 11:59 PM ?


Think Again



Dono k Baad

Din Badal Jaate Hain. :)

For a Special Couple on Your Wedding Day
Love grows deeper, stronger,
And more beautiful when it is planted by God...

A Health Forum Speaker Asked:
Which Food Causes the Most Suffering for Years,

After Eating It?

After a Long Silence,

An Old man Answered: Wedding Cake.


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