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Send these full of wisdom sms to your friends or relatives so that they can get courage and help to live a successful and wise life with an understanding of right and wrong.

“Books serve to show a man that

those original thoughts of his aren't very new after all.”


Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.


A wise man is superior to any insults
which can be put upon him,
and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.


People always say:
‘It’s inner beauty that matters,
not outer beauty.
’Well, that’s not true.
If it were,
why would flowers put so much energy into attracting bees?
why would raindrops transform themselves
into a rainbow when they encounter the sun?
Nature longs for beauty,
and is only satisfied when beauty can be exalted.
Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible,
and it manifests itself in the light that flows from our eyes.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul
reflect everything that seems to be hidden;
and, like a mirror,
they also reflect the person looking into them.
So if the person looking into someone’s eyes has a dark soul,
he will see only his own ugliness.


Love, Ideas 'n knowledge are no one's Personal Property.
They belong to a person
who expresses them in the "Best Way"! :))



"Adjustment with Right People
is always better than
Argument with Wrong People"

"A meaningful Silence is always better than Meaningless Words"



*There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.
*I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
*Life is what happens to you while You are busy making other plans.
*Morning of Saturday anticipates a lot 2 do,
Yet to Accomplish,
'n to Enjoy what it is in fact as it is.
Finishing first to isn't a fault,
but to forget 3rd is a gross loss of first 2 also.
Set the Saturday as your own day.


PATIENCE is not about
How long one can Wait,
How well one Behaves while Waiting.. !



Believe that being turned away from anything or anyone,
is simply God's way of saying
"Careful, kiddo. You were going the wrong way."


"Day by Day Nothing Changes...
When You Look Back Everything Is Different".. !


Its not bad to be a dumb...
half of the world is dependent on a machine with zero IQ.. !

Good Morning


He Who Knows Nothing 'n Knows he Knows Nothing,
He is a Scholar;
Teach Him...

He Who Knows Nothing 'n Thinks He Knows Something,
He is a Fool;
Shun Him...

He Who Knows Something 'n Thinks He Knows Nothing,
He is Unsure;
Enlighten Him...

He Who Knows Something 'n Knows He Knows Something,
He is Wise;
Follow Him.. !


Best Message I Have Seen In My Life:
"Be So Rich That You Can Buy The Most Expensive Thing You Desire.
Be So Expensive That No Richness On The Earth Can Buy You.. !


Don't be disappointed
if the world refuses to help you...
As Einstein said:
"I am thankful to all those who said No..
Its because of them I did it myself".. !


We always remember the words of hatred
When we had fight with our friends
but we often forget the promises we made,
when we had beautiful friendship with them.


When You Are Alone
Feel Like You Need A Friend

Always Remember That
There’s Some One Else
Who Also Needs A Friend

So Make Him/Her Your Friend
Make His/Her Loneliness Go Away…


What You Make Happen In Other’s Life…

GOD Makes That Happen In Your Life…


I Object To Violence Because
When It Appears To Do Good,
The Good Is Only Temporary;
The Evil It Does Is Permanent ..!


Character Is Like A Tree
Reputation Like A Shadow
The Shadow Is What We Think Of It;
The Tree Is The Real Thing.


"When A Person Takes Revenge From His Enemy,
Then He Equals The Status Of His Enemy,
"If He Pardons His Enemy,Then He Acquires A Higher Status
Against His Enemy..!"


People say:
"Find good people 'n Leave bad ones".
what I would say is
Find the Good in People 'n Ignore the Bad in Them..!

Let's Remember- No one is perfect..


Feeling Tension?
"Think Me"
Feeling Sad?
"Call Me"
Feeling Lonely?
"See Me"
Feeling Sleepy?
"Dream of Me"
My Name is
"Self Confidence"
Never Loose Me...:-D


A beautiful saying
"Words are under
Your control until u speak them.."
"but You come under
their control once u have spoken them..!"

Good Morning !


A Nice Saying
"If someone point out Your mistakes?.
Be happy
that atleast Someone is interested in what you have Done!".


Never make up your mind
on others Perspective or Experiences.
Their views may mislead you
or decrease your confidence.

Listen them carefully and move with full confidence.

Always make your own Experiences in Life.


Sucess does not depend on making
important decisions quickly,
but depends on your quick actions on
important decisions.

There might be some hours of loneliness in a day...
But there is something wonderful even in loneliness...
At least you belonged to yourself when you were lonely....!


Write something to suit yourself.....
Many people will like it....


Write something to suit everybody....
Scarcely anyone will care for it.....


What's The Difference Between Ability And Character....??

Ability Will Get Us To The Top..!!
Character Will Allow Us To Stay At The Top...!!


When Love Is Unknown For You,
You Know What Is Happiness,

When You Know Love...
You Know What Is Pain,

When You Loose It,
You Know What Is Life...!!


The experience of life consists
of the experience which the spirit
has of itself in matter and as matter,
in mind and as mind, in emotion, as emotion, etc.


An Excellent Quote
Written on the Prayer Hall...
"God Has A Time To Listen...
Do You Have A Time To Pray ..?"


Love and kindness are never wasted.
They always make a difference.
They bless the one who receives them,
'n they bless you, the giver...!


Whole Water Of the Sea
cannot Sink the Ship Unless
It gets Inside the Ship.
Similarly negativity of World
cannot put us down
Unless We Allow it to get Inside Us ..!


Each day there's a decision that each of us
Has to make,
For Each of us needs to decide for Ourselves,
Whether to Give or To take,
Whether to Love or Reject Love,
Whether to Bring Peace or Strife...
And that is the Daily Decision,That Affects the Whole Rest Of Out Life..!


Poetry is just the evidence of life.
If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash


Awesome sentence Of the day !
"If You Can't forget some things in Life,
Make Sure You don't give yourself time
to Remember Them ..!



Beautiful quote on the wall of the cinema hall :-

One day your entire life
Will be like movie in a flash back
You just need to make sure
That its worth watching..!


One of My Bst Attitude Quote,
"I may never be good enough for someone..
But I Will be the Best for them who Deserve Me...!!


Only two Persons are Happy in this World...
1st is Mad 'n 2nd is Child,
Be a Mad to Achieve What you Love
Be a Child to Enjoy What you Have ..!


Don't Share Your Top Secrets With Anyone,
Because If You Yourself Can't Keep It,
Don't Expect Somebody Else To Keep It ..!


Sea Is Common For All..
Some Take Pearls, Some Take Fishes,
& Some Come Out With Just Wet Legs..
World Is Common To All But We Get What We Try For..!


Love is an Ideal Thing,
Marriage a Real thing;
A Confusion of the Real with the
Ideal Never Goes Unpunished.


Every bad situations have something positive..
Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.


Constant kindness
Can accomplish much
As the sun makes ice melt
Kindness causes
Mistrust and hostility
To evaporate


What makes some people Dearer?
Is not just the happiness
that you feel when you meet them,
But the pain you feel,
when you . . . . . Miss them !


A man who is not beautiful
at d age of 20 is nvr beautiful
A man who is not strong
at d age of 30 is nvr strong
A man who is not wise
at d age of 40 is nvr wise


Success isn’t a matter
of being d best
nd winning d race.
Success is a matter
of handling d worst
nd still finishing d race.


We live in deeds not days
In thoughts not breathes
In feelings not on figures over dial
He lives most ... Who thinks most
Feels d best, Acts d noblest (:


Happiness is a perfume.
You cannot spread on others
without getting a few drops on urself.
So always be happy to make others happy !!


A Fine Thought-
Never make the same mistake twice..
There are so many new ones.
Try a different one each day.
After all..
Variety is the spice of Life !! :)


The only thing i like about stones
that come in my way is,
once i pass them,
They automatically become my MILESTONE.


The Right Way Is Not Always
The Popular And Easy Way,
Standing For Right When
It Is Unpopular Is A True
Test Of Moral Character.


A famous poet ELIOT said:
“When u get little
You want more,
When u get more,
You desire even more,
but when u lose it, u realize
LITTLE was enough”


A Lovely Thought:
Worries Are Like a Bird,
Let Them Fly Over You.
Do not Give Them a Chance
to Build a ‘NEST’ on Your Head.


The fruit of silence is PRAYER
The fruit of prayer is FAITH
The fruit of faith is LOVE
The fruit of love is SERVICE
The fruit of service is PEACE


It’s not that
some peoples
have will power
some don’t

it’s that
Some people
are ready to
others are not..!


Highly inspiring words:
"The more u sweat in d practice
the less u bleed in battle field."
let our work be so strong,
That evn d goal tends to see u winning...


Hardwork is like a staircase and
Luck is like a Lift.
Lift may sometimes fail but Staircase
always takes us to the top.
Good Morning !!


Falling down is not defeat
defeat is when your refuse to get up…


Dont read success story.
Read only failure story,
B’coz, failure story you get new idea to win,
from Success story you get only message.
Good morning to u


May the angels protect U..
May sadness 4get U..
May goodness surround U..
May happiness be round U..
and may God always bless U..!!


Full stop is not a real end,
Because we can form a sentence after that.
Like that in life,
Failure is not the real end,
It is the real beginning of success.


Never conclude a person
by his present status
because time has the great power
to change a useless coal
into a valuable diamond.


In a mirror
we find a reflection
of our appearances
in heart
we find a reflection of
our soul


'Change' Doesn't 'Happen'
When Circumstances 'Improve'
'Change' 'Happens'
When "YOU" Decide To
'Improve' Your Circumstances...


Wisdom is knowing what to do next...
Skill is knowing how to do it...
and sucess is DOING IT ! DO THE BEST IN THE TEST...
let ur path smooth nd easy Examination may be more
nd more easy..
let ur sucess come to true, that my best wishes to you!


One Man Cried Wen
He had no shoes ,
But he stopped crying when
He saw a man without legs….
Life is full of Blessings ,
Sum time we Don’t understand it..!! !!


Life is only traveled ONCE,
Enjoy every moment,
Good or bad,
Because the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself....


A leaf which falls from d tree is at d mercy of wind,
it goes wherever wind takes it..

be d wind 2 drive others,
not d leaf to be driven by others.!


Each moment of your life is a picture
which u had never seen before.
And which ull never see again so enjoy
live life nd make each moment beautiful….


Genuine success comes only
to those who are ready for it.
Good Luck


The people who accept criticism are
the ones wo are genuinely
interested in self improvement.


Thought For The Day,,
“Treat everyone with politeness,
even those who are rude to you,
not because they are not nice,
but because YOU are nice!.”


There are two types of people
who are failures in life. ..

Those who do not listen to anybody
those who listen to everybody


The Real Art Of Conversation
Is Not Only To Say The Right
Thing At The Right Time,
But Also To Leave Unsaid
The Wrong Thing
At The Tempting Moment.


Lucky means who get the opportunity.
Brilliant means who create the opportunity.
Winner means who use the opportunity.
Be a winner always.


Many of life’s failures are people
who did not realize how close
they were to success
when they gave up !!


In life LOVE is never planned nor
does it happen for a reason.
But when LOVE is real,
It becomes ur PLAN for life and ur reason for living.


What the word IMPOSSIBLE says
I M Possible.
So every thing which seems
impossible is itself says that is possible.


Always be the reason of
someone’s happiness never just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s sadness
never the reason for it.


'L i f e'
Is not an
'i - P o d'
To listen your
Favorite Songs

It's a
'R a d i o'
You must
'A d j u s t'
Yourself to enjoy,
Whatever comes in it...


Disappointment is just the
Distance between
Expectation nd Reality.

So either Expect less nd
Accept the Reality
Or Expect a lot nd
Turn into a Reality !!



The most difficult
lesson to learn is,

which hand you
hold for your life
which one to break off.


Erasers are for people
who make errors.
But a better saying:
Erasers are for people
willing to correct their mistakes.


Salt has an Unique nature,
Its presence is not felt but its
absence makes things TASTELESS.
Make your absence noticable,
be making your presence Valueable!


Lock nd Key r of Same Metel.
Lock is always bigger than the Key.
Problems r like Lock nd Solutions r like Key.
Don't Focos on Problems but Find the Key.


Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.


Never b Proud,
For what u r nd the Position u hold,
Bcoz after a Game of Chess,
the King & the Soldiers
go into the same box..!


I never say anything bad about
Myself not bcoz i belive i'm perfect,
But I have enough people around
Me to speak on that topic! "GM"


A person who can explain color to
a blind man can explain everything in life.



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